About Referential Labs

January 1, 0001 ยท One minute read

Referential Labs grows, educates and assists software engineering teams.

We are doing this by:

  • helping executive teams identify the roles you need to hire given your strategic goals and find outstanding candidates to fill them

  • providing world-class training and educational material on cloud delivery, distributed systems, and exploiting the benefits of functional programming no matter where you are on the adoption curve

  • offering our technical expertise in cloud delivery, distributed systems, and functional programming contributing to your product

Today software engineering has high turnover rates and high rates of dissatisfaction, and we have reduced or eradicated these problems at client firms by:

  • building effective software delivery pipelines that measurably improve team happiness by reducing stress and turn over

  • designing distributed systems that have well defined guarantees, failure modes, and operational properties reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

    /Fun/ctional Operations

Referential Labs is a group of passionate distributed systems engineers. We want to help you and your customers succeed with:

  • Reliable development environments

  • Consistent continuous delivery

  • Predictable deployments






+1 (415) 483-0887


+1 (415) 483-0887